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Wasatch Rider provides curated content for mountain sports in Utah's Wasatch Mountains.
What is it about the Wasatch Mountains?
Located adjacent to a huge population of outdoor enthusiasts and just 30 minutes from Salt Lake international airport, the Wasatch Mountains are an important mountain sports playground for locals and visitors. Enter Wasatch Rider.

Within one hour drive from its epicenter,
the Wasatch Mountains include:
  • ten world class ski resorts including Snowbird, Deer Valley and Park City;
  • hundreds of miles of single track trails and an IMBA Gold Ride Center in Park City;
  • dozens of great restaurants, bars and entertainment opportunities;
  • a thriving microbrewing and distilling culture;
  • dozens of bike and ski shops;
  • world class public transportation;
  • a huge variety of lodging options;
  • and much more.

A place with all of these mountain sports amenities deserves a dedicated voice. Wasatch Rider’s mission is to become the premier source of curated content and planning tools designed to enhance the mountain sports lifestyle in northern Utah.

What is curated content?

The Internet has resulted in an explosion of content, and a lot of it is garbage. Wasatch Rider’s localized experts will create relevant content, and also collect content from other trusted sources, then publish that content so you can find the information you need all on one site. So instead of looking for trail recommendations on one web site, a pub to visit after your ride on another site, and a bike shop on yet another—Wasatch Rider will provide the best, most relevant and most honest content in one convenient location.

Wasatch Rider would love your help!

If you are a local rider, we’d love to hear from you, and use your knowledge to help Wasatch Rider achieve its goals. If you are a visitor, let us know what we can do to help you plan your visit.

Stay tuned, and get ready for the ride.

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