Early Season Ride: Eagle Mountain Trails

Photo from the Eagle Mountain Trails, looking northeast towards Provo Lake and the Wasatch Mountains.
Located roughly between Provo and Salt Lake City, and several miles west of I-15, the Eagle Mountain Trails offer a great option for early season rides. It’s a bit far to drive during summer and fall, when there are dozens of options closer to home. However, when the sun is shining and your favorite trails are still under snow, Eagle Mountain Trails are worth the drive.

Where to Park

The most popular parking spot for Eagle Mountain Trails seems to be Hidden Hollow Elementary School on Pony Express Parkway. We recommend avoiding the crowds and driving south a bit on Hidden Valley Parkway to park. This road starts out paved, next to the school, then turns to dirt quickly. It is is easily navigable for most vehicles and there are large open spaces to park. You’ll also have more trail options.

Eagle Mountain Trails are tucked away in a residential area—a bit removed from dining and retail. We recommend bringing food and party favors for the after-ride wind down. Traveling a bit farther off the beaten track to park will provide a bit of privacy and much better views.

Traveling a bit farther off the beaten track to park will provide a bit of privacy and much better views.

Photo of the Scott Cullins riding his fatbike.

After letting a bit of air out of my tires, my rigid fatbike had no problems on the bumpy Deadwood Trail.

Quick Ride Recommendation

For a quick ride, jump on Rockabilly, Roadrunner and Wile E Coyote for your climb, then drop on Deadwood. The views of Provo Lake and the Wasatch Range are great from the top of Wile E Coyote. Deadwood is a bit bumpy, but I rode it on my no-suspension fattie and had a blast whipping thru the dead junipers.

It’s a Wrap

Wasatch Rider’s goal is not to provide trail reviews but, instead, provide information and tips that will make your ride event more enjoyable. For specific trail pre-ride planning, we recommend utahmountainbiking.com to review Eagle Mountain Trails. For on-trail guidance, we recommend the trailforks app for iPhone and Android phones.

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