The Wasatch Rider community loves their bikes, loves outdoors and nature, loves staying fit and healthy, and loves having fun with like-minded souls. Whether on the trail, at their favorite gastro-pub, or in the garage working on their bike—our community of riders are focused on living life to its fullest. To help them live that life, Wasatch Rider provides:

  • News about events that impact their lifestyle;
  • Life hacks that help them maximize their free time;
  • Stories that keep them entertained;
  • Tools to help the organize and plan for ride events; and
  • More.

If your business brand has similar qualities, let’s work together to help this community thrive. Currently, we offer web banner advertising and sponsored content opportunities. COming this summer, we will be offering print display advertising in Wasatch Rider magazine and event sponsorship/exposure at the 2020 Bigfoot Mountain Bike Festival.

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