Panoramw of the Wasatch Mountains from Summit County

About Wasatch Rider

Wasatch Rider publishes lifestyle content focused on mountain bike culture—content designed to help readers get the most out of the MTB lifestyle.

Every mountain biker we know has a passion for two-wheeled cycles ingrained in their psyche. They also share a love for mountain trails and a natural tendency towards stewardship of the mountains they live and play in. No matter where they are, or what they are doing, their mountain bike and thoughts of riding are never far away. So yes,  it is a lifestyle.

Wasatch Rider was launched in 2014. With origins in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah, it made perfect sense to adopt the word “Wasatch,” as part of our name. “Wasatch” is a Ute Indian word meaning “mountain pass” or “low place in a high mountain.” We love mountain passes and all that go along with them.

While initially providing local trail news for the Wasatch Mountain region, we quickly expanded our mission to provide relevant content for the greater Colorado Plateau. The  Colorado Plateau technically includes portions of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. Western Wyoming and South Eastern Idaho are also part of our region, which offers some of the North America’s best mountain biking.

Over time, Wasatch Rider continued to expand its coverage, to provide content relevant all MTB enthusiasts like:

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